Monday, January 16, 2012

How to Use Fancy Dog Studio Photoshop Brushes

Adobe Photoshop brushes are an easy way to recolor and re-size images.
 1) Open your .abr file. It will automatically start Photoshop if it is not already open.

2) Select the brush from your tools palette.

3) In the options bar click the arrow next to the small icon next to the brush thumbnail.

4) Once you expand the brush options a list of your loaded brushes will appear. The brushes from the .abr file will be at the end of the list.

5) Select the brush that you would like to use. An outline of the brush will show on your screen.

6) Re-size or recolor the brush to what you wish it to be. Re-size using the scroll bar at the top of your brush options window. Color can be changed at the bottom of your tools palette.

7) Click the left mouse button to paint with your brush.

Once you have mastered the basics of using your Photoshop Brushes advanced options can be found in the brush presets window.

You can purchase Fancy Dog Studio Photoshop Brush Downloads here.

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